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About Turn Dog Training specializes in all working and sporting breeds. If you are looking to turn your "little devil" into a perfect "little angel", we are just what you're looking for! Call us at 386-788-1891 to set up an evaluation for your dog today.

Check out these testimonials from a few of our satisfied cutomers.....

"Kelly of Diamond Bar kennels has a done a wonderful job working with our very active Wheaton Terriers. Using the Dogtra collar training device she has taught them obedience in a very short time and using this training aid has allowed us to reinforce their training at home. When we go off to our mountain home in Oregon we feel very secure that the dogs are under sufficient control to let then wonder freely on trails and around lakes without the need for leashes."
The Goldbergs, Ponte Vedra Beach,FL

"Buffett has been so much more enjoyable since his training. Now he is like an "obedient" member of the family. Thanks to Kelly for all she has done to help us love and enjoy this dog in our home and family!"
The Dalton Family

We have so much appreciation for Kelly. First, she provided our family with two wonderful dogs then she trained them in obedience. They have been the perfect addition to our family. And our kids love them so, that's what is most important!
The Roland Family

Just a few more well trained dogs